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Zsiráf Babaáruház Based on 4 reviews
Patrik Káplár , 8 months ago

The service is very nice and the seller is very helpful. When we ask for his opinion, he does not try to force the more expensive product on us, but actually listens to what our needs are and why we are looking for a certain product. He tries to tell you honestly what the positive and negative sides of each are and why he prefers the other as a good choice. I can only recommend the store, they have a large stock and, last but not least, they also make packages and send mail if necessary. Regards: the foil (Richard Káplár)

Debóra Fehér , a year ago

I highly recommend the Giraffe baby store to everyone! Fast and helpful customer service, excellent products at great prices.

Emese Kurucz , 3 years ago

Zoli Gergely , a year ago


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